Tuesday, July 12, 2011

art deco

To look Harmonious and pleasing to the eye, set the interior of the house Should Bealigned with the fa├žade of the building. If it seems a a aa his face Wore a an art deco,interior arrangement also does not run away from That style. Similarly for the minimalistmodel homes, interior was designed with a matching style. Although in its application,not the second round That wear style.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cat Lamp

This lamp resembles a paint like he was running and very funny is not it? Lamp wasinspired by a paint That is a product of the House of Micah.

Black Cat was given a new interpretation with a cat-shaped design and is something fun toadd to complete your room design and lighting is a carrier of light for the room.

Lights Leaves For Amazing Light

The design of this beautiful lamp Designed by Ross Lovegrove with leaf shapes. Lampswith a shape like this is very interesting to be Used as a complement to the collection.These lamps Cans be Used as a light, pleasant room with friendly lighting in the eye.

Modern Javanese house facade With Symmetrical Shape

A view the the which is usually symmetrical facade to the outside appearance of this houseto give an overview on the arrangement of the rooms on the inside is made ​​with asymmetrical shape as well.

To complement the modern elements in the display house, apply the use of concrete roofon both sides of the field on the right and left of the building and Also use That in a canopyabove the small window.